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The Splashpole is our newly acquired piece of water. It is situated to the south of the town just off the A509 between the two bridges. In recent years, it has been much neglected and has had minimal angling pressure. Most of what we know about this land is historical.

The Splashpole is made up of different sections. Firstly, below the weir, the fast flowing section of the river opens out into a multitude of different terrains, often home to the big fish of all species that have not been fished for, for many years, partly because the banks are significantly overgrown, something that a couple of work parties will soon sort out.

Above the weir is a large expanse of water. This is where the main river splits and makes its way either through the weir or along the shallows of the backwater. Tench and carp are known to frequent this area, especially on a warm sunny day.

As we follow the backwater down towards the smaller bridge, the river shallows off. The cover of the bridge is home to huge hauls of roach and perch. Especially in the late season where they are getting ready to spawn. The Splashpole offers a real variety and something for all different anglers.



Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 18.10.13.png


Parking for the Splashpole is in the lay-by along the A509 as you enter Olney from Milton Keynes direction. Head for postcode MK46 5FD. As you approach Olney from Milton Keynes direction, you will cross Olney bridge before the lay-by will approach on your left, just past the ‘welcome to Olney’ sign. This is public parking and free to use. There is space for approximately eight cars.

To access the river, please walk back along the pathway out of Olney to where there is a foot entrance to Emberton park, just past Olney bridge. From here, you can walk down to the weir and cross the bridge, entering the Splashpole.

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