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Black barn

Description of the water & species

The Black Barn is a piece of water not for the faint hearted! This section of river is about a 10-15 minute walk over the fields to the river, however, once there, it really is worth it!

This section of river has had minimal angling pressure for a number of years. A slow flowing stretch of river providing a haven for fish to frequent, well away from any pedestrian pressures. The river has two clear sections. Firstly, the main stretch which offers a long straight part of river with a nice wider section in the middle. Secondly is the wooded area. Although a slightly longer walk and a small battle through the undergrowth, the waters are simply the most perfect habitat for some huge fish.


Historically, due to the minimal angling pressure, we simply can't offer much advice on species or hot pegs, however there has been rumour of some simply breath-taking perch being caught in the wooded area. Monster perch just doesn't quite cover it…

The Black Barn is definitely not for the carper and all their luggage, but should you travel light, there is plenty of reward waiting.



Black Barn Map.jpg


Parking for the Black Barn is in the gate way next to the road. Head for postcode MK46 5LX. There is enough space for two cars, one either side of the gate next to the road. You will find the Black Barn along Weston Road after you leave Olney but before you get to Weston Underwood. You will see the Black Barn on your left before you get to the small hump-back bridge.

To access the river, walk through the gate and straight across the farmers field on the right. You will need to walk across three fields before you find the river.

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