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Harrold Upper

Description of the water

Our Harrold Upper section is a new piece of water for the 2023-24 season. The former MKAA stretch is joined on to our Harrold Lower section making up around a mile of continuous river bank for fishing on our ticket. This section has barely been fished for a number of years, so it is hard to predict what lives here. What we do know is that this remote location will provide you will a peaceful days fishing! 

The section is made up of three fields. As you drive down the track from the road, you will park before entering the field. From here, you enter in to the most upstream field. You also have two subsequent downstream fields that are available to fish in this section, before then entering Harrold Lower which is also on our ticket. This section is very much a natural venue for those who don't mind a little walk and to travel light.


With this section of water being so new, it is very much unknown what species are present. What is for sure is the section upstream has been heavily stocked with barbel and the section below has been a hot bed for excellent catches of perch, carp and roach in recent years, so there is plenty to be optimistic about in this section! 


Day tickets - NO

Night Fishing - YES

Harrold Upper Web map.png


Parking at Harrold upper is down a grass track leading from the main road. The location is situated in between Lavendon and Harrold along Harrold Road. If you head for postcode MK464HX you will find our club signage at the top of a farmers track. Should you be traveling from Lavendon direction, you will travel approximately a mile and a half down Harrold road before turning right and down the track. You will need to park sensibly next to the derelict barn.

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