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Description of water & Species

Brock's field has long been on the Olney & Clifton Fishing Association's books, but historically the access has always been quite difficult. Now building works have been completed on a new housing estate, an access gate straight in to Brock's field has provided easy parking and access to the river, meaning that it is an easy days fishing!

Brock's field itself sits in a secluded space in-between Coulson's field (upstream) and Lavendon Road (downstream). The section offers some slower and deeper areas, with plenty of far bank cover and features. Historically this field has produced tench and carp in the early season, along with nice bags of silvers throughout the season.



Brocks web.png


Parking at Brock's field is simple and plentiful. Those looking to park here can aim for postcode MK46 4HH. You will find the entrance to a new housing estate opposite the entrance to Sainsbury's supermarket as you leave Olney in the direction of Lavendon along the B508. Once you have entered the housing estate, head towards the left and you will find a locked gate to Brock's field. Use the gate code to enter the field and park sensibly in the designated area just inside the gate. Please ensure you lock the gate after you. 

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