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Harrold LOWER

Description of the water

Our Harrold section is a shared piece of water with Biggleswade & Hitchin AA. This section of water has barely been fished in the last decade with access always being an issue. This remote section offers a peaceful days fishing for all, as long as you are travelling light.

The section is made up of four fields. As you walk down the track from the road (down quite a steep hill), you will enter the first field. There are also three further fields downstream that members can explore. The club are looking to do some maintenance in this section next season, but for now it is very much a natural venue for those who don't mind a little walk and to travel light.


This section is new water for the club so it is very much unknown. Our partners BHAA have also had little experience on this water to be able to establish its potential. What is for sure, is that the nature of the water, its remote location, and the features it holds, means that this section has some amazing potential! 

This water is more suited to the stalker type angler who is travelling light as the steep hill and bumpy track would not be ideal for a barrow. 


Day tickets - NO

Night Fishing - YES



Parking at Harrold is on the grass verge at the top of the track along the road. The location is situated in between Lavendon and Harrold along Harrold Road. If you head for postcode MK437EE you will find our club signage at the top of a farmers track. Should you be traveling from Lavendon direction, you will travel approximately two miles down Harrold road before parking on the verge on the left opposite the entrance to the farmers track.

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