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Lavendon Mill

Description of the water

Lavendon Mill is a stretch of water largely untouched within the Olney & Clifton remits. As a result of it being slightly more ‘off the grid’ than the rest of our waters, many anglers are yet to experience its offerings.

There are two sections as such, to the left as you cross over the weir (downstream under the weir) and to the right. The former offers everything you would expect from a weir, deep sections, flowing down into faster wide shallows with reeds, leading further down to the tree line where it deepens and narrows off.

The other section upstream of the weir offers some very wide and deep fishing. Averaging anything from 6ft-14ft in places, this picturesque part of the river is definitely an area for discovery.


As this area is so underfished, it is very hard to say what you may find. In the last year, match winning weights of silvers have come from here. Large shoals of bream have been caught from here. Monster carp have been seen patrolling this section, and did we mention, the club record barbel came from here too?

This water really does appeal to any form of angler, both specimen, match and pleasure. Nothing is a surprise coming out of this section of the river.


Day tickets - NO

Night Fishing - YES

Lav mill.jpg


Secure parking is available in a locked carpark. Head for postcode MK46 4DF. Leave Olney on the B508 towards Lavendon. Before you get to the turning for Lavendon, just before a bend, there is a turning on the right. Take the turning and immediately on your left opposite the stables is a gate to the paddock carpark. Unlock the OCFA padlock using the code printed in our membership book. (Same code as the gate to access Doffs field). Park in the designated spaces at the bottom of the car park ONLY. DO NOT park in any other area. The OCFA bays are clearly marked. We have been fortunate enough to secure this excellent parking - do not be the one who loses it for the club! Please note that you are NOT ALLOWED to drive down to the bottom near the river to unload - this is private property. Please park in the designated bays and walk to the river.

Once parked up, walk down the bridleway down the hill to the river. Cross the weir and begin fishing between the tree lines to your left & right.

On match days special parking arrangement are made here.

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