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lavendon road

Description of water & Species

Lavendon Road is a stretch of river that is largely untouched. As many 'Olneyites' know, this is a stretch in which you just never know what may turn up! 

The upstream end of this section is known as Longlands. At the most upstream end of Longlands is the 'pipe peg'. Long a favourite for anglers, the inflow of water into the river creates an attraction for huge hauls of silvers along with some excellent pike. Matches have been won here in previous years with over 20lbs of silvers!

Further downstream is the Beanfield. This is where the river opens out and slows. Long a favourite of the carpers, this area seems to always produce big carp in the early season. Despite this, throughout the season, a good stamp of fish have been caught in recent times, including some monster perch, multiple tench in a match, and bags of silvers to over 20lbs.

Historically, this stretch has provided pike to 20lbs, bream, tench, chub, big hauls of silvers and carp to over 20lbs. You just never know with this stretch of river!



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Parking at Lavendon road is quite limited. Those looking to park here can aim for postcode MK46 4HH. You will find the parking as you leave Olney in the direction of Lavendon along the B508. As you come around the first bend coming out of Olney on this road, you will see a small bungalow on your left with a metal farmers gate opposite. Parking is on the grass verge just past the bungalow. There is space for about 5 cars here. Once parked, walk through the metal farmers gate down to the river. 

On match days, we have special arrangements to park off road in the farmers field.

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