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Olney Mill

Description of the water

Olney Mill has historically been one of the prized possessions of not only our club but the river Ouse itself. This stretch of water offers all conditions within a small stretch of river. Shallow fast stretches, deep slow areas and everything in-between, this gravelly part of the river has been a hotbed for fishing for many years. 

Just below the Mill itself, highly oxygenated water flows creating ideal fishing grounds. Further down the river toward the Sheep Dip, deep holes can be found to hold some big fish if you can locate them! Finally, in Talbots & Clarke’s the gravel beds and rushes provides an ideal hiding place for some unsuspecting fish!


During the ‘barbel boom’ a number of years back, Olney Mill was synonymous with anglers coming from miles away to catch some of our huge Ouse barbel. While the barbel are less prevalent nowadays, the Mill stretch still is home to some amazing catches. In the summer particularly, the venue will bag you up a decent net of silvers most days. Chub over 5lb are regularly caught along this stretch with some excellent perch and pike. 

The beauty about this stretch of river is that there are conditions to suit all fish. You just don’t know what you will catch. Previously a favourite for barbel, tench and bream, you could come up with anything at the Mill.




*NOTE: Night fishing at Olney Mill is permitted but is regulated at the request of the land owner. Should you be night fishing at Olney Mill, please email with your name and a contact number to ‘check-in’.

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To get to Olney Mill you simply need to head for Olney Church. Postcode MK46 4AD will bring you on to Church Street in Olney were you can park anywhere along the road (sensibly!). For match days, we have special arrangements with local land owners to park off-road. Once parked up outside the church, you can walk down the pathway alongside the Mill House. 

Please note that there is strictly no access to the river through the grounds of the Mill House. All anglers should use the public pathway adjacent to the Mill House to access the river.

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