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Description of the water

Lavendon Meadows is a shared section of water with Biggleswade & Hitchin AA. This section of water has barely been fished in the last decade with access always being an issue. This remote section offers a peaceful days fishing for all, now that some maintenance has been completed. Huge amounts of hardcore have helped reinforce the track from the main road to the carpark, and a neat pathway around the river allows for anglers to easily get from the car to their peg.

There are three sections as such. The most upstream field (closest to Olney) which offers some slightly faster runs. The main field (in which the carpark is located) which is wider and deeper with a number of features throughout. Then towards the downstream wooded area. This final section offering a stalkers paradise with plenty of snags and some faster water.


This section is new water for the club so it is very much unknown. Our partners BHAA have also had little experience on this water to be able to establish its potential. What is for sure, is that the nature of the water, its remote location, and the features it holds, means that this section has some amazing potential! 

This water really does appeal to any form of angler, both specimen, match and pleasure. Nothing is a surprise coming out of this section of the river.


Day tickets - NO

Night Fishing - YES

Lavendon Meadows.jpg


Parking at Lavendon Meadows is in a private locked section of a field. Leave Olney on the B565 towards Lavendon. After you pass the turning for Lavendon, the road will dip. On the right hand side, there is a turning for a sewerage works. Immediately next to this, you will see a farmers track with the club sign at the top. Head down this track, keeping to the right hand side. Please note that while the track is firm, it may not be suitable for lower cars. Once you have made your way down the track to the locked gate, input the code and park your car immediately after the gate in the fenced area. Please ensure that you lock the gate once you have parked.

Once parked up, you can follow the mown pathways to the river. There are Fishermans bridges installed to get between each section.

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